Encompass Project Management

The Concept-



Substantial sums are often involved in building projects, as both labour and capital costs are high. While all clients require value for money there is too much emphasis on getting the lowest price tender, rather than best value, this ultimately leads to lower standards and performance as contractors are forced to cut corners to compete. The end product is not only inferior but usually surpasses financial expectations. In a majority of cases relationships fray and ultimately breakdown.


Instead of the traditional, Architect- Client- Builder route by working as a team overheads can be dramatically reduced and communication drastically improved. For an agreed fee we will organise and co-ordinate the entire construction process. The client will be updated on all relevant matters receiving reports itemising all costs and progress issues combined with future recommendations


This style of running a contract gives the client TOTAL CONTROL of their building from which our aim will be to save rather than spend.


We have the right staff and resources to succeed with a workforce and sub contract base that have a proven track record.


There are few organisations providing this service within the area.


Its time for change.